4 Film-Inspired Trips Every Woman Should Take


Summer is here and we’ve only got one thing on our minds— vacation!

All year long, you’ve divided your time between work, family, friends, kids, personal obligations and more, leaving you with few moments to stop and enjoy life. But don’t fret, CentricTV.com’s got you covered with a few ideas for your next getaway.

We’ve compiled a short list of film-inspired trips that we believe every woman should take this summer, depending on your personal needs. Carve out the time, book the trip and live— you deserve it.


(inspired by Eat, Pray, Love)

Every vacation doesn’t have to be a group outing, ladies. Sometimes you need the time away— alone— to focus on your mental and emotional well-being. Maybe you go hunting for the best sushi spot in Tokyo or take in the natural beauty of Ambergris Caye or get the peace you need in Bali (all of which are great destinations for solo travelers), but get away for some much deserved ‘me’ time. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

THE HEARTBREAK BREAK (inspired by How Stella Got Her Groove Back)Following a serious breakup or divorce, it might be time for a vacation. And yeah, it’ll never feel like the right time with work, kids, personal obligations, blah, blah, blah— cut the excuses, grab a friend and book the trip! Whether it’s a staycation in your city, a cross-country trip or a jaunt overseas, don’t underestimate the time away to clear your mind and heal a broken heart. And who knows, you might find a hot, young thing to get you back in the groove.


THE KINFOLK ROUNDUP (inspired by Johnson Family Vacation)

As crazy, frustrating and chaotic family can be, you only get one and those relationships should be nurtured. What better way to squeeze in some quality time than to pack some sandwiches, make a bomb playlist and hit the open road to the destination of your choice. As you make pitstops for bathroom breaks and gas, everyone will be able to explore new parts of the country, a luxury not available if you’re flying. Being confined to the car for a few hours will surely prompt family bonding.


THE ROMANCE REFRESHER (inspired by The Marriage Chronicles)When you and your spouse are in it for the long haul, you’re bound to fall in a rut. Get back on track with a vacation that will not only relax your mind, but give your relationship a tune-up. Many retreats across the country focus on strengthening communication, conflict resolution, spirituality and keeping things spicy in the bedroom. Consider The Gotten Institute’s retreat on Washington’s San Juan Islands or the Black Marriage Retreat in Los Angeles.

source – centrictv.com