6 worst dressed from the Met Gala

There were so many good moments on the red carpet at the Met this year that it’s hard to find a full list of bad dresses. Though, there were some who we just wanted more from (sorry Kanye, but we’re looking at you).

Lady Gaga

Maybe she’s just set the bar too high, but we wanted something bigger — bigger than even her million inch platforms could provide. A dress made entirely out of used cell phones? Adaptive, transparent “onion skin” jeans like in the book Super Sad True Love Story? Anything more than a body suit.


Despite a delightful explanation of her strategic use of KT Tape, we couldn’t get over thinking that she resembled the last time we ran a half marathon and over-taped as a precautionary measure. And forgot our pants.


Her oversized blue dress with odd black and green color blocking was not a flattering look for the singer, no matter how much we like the pink hair.

Michelle Williams

Her bob and fringe-y bangs were on point, but her Louis Vuitton dress was forgettable for such a style star.

Demi Lovato

Something about the mix of gold and silver and black just didn’t work with this customMoschino.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

We had déjà vu seeing Kim K. in this silver Balmain. Had we seen it before? Or is it just the same silhouette she’s worn over and over? Kanye’s nubuck boots and jeans, however, were the real offenders.


Source: Dr1Allaince