8 Strange Easter Traditions Around The World


Have you ever wondered about some of the strange traditions associated with certain holidays and how they came about? Today we will look at the Easter holidays and some traditions or customs that are synonymous with this holiday.

Easter is traditionally a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. However, apart from the Christian aspect of this holiday, there are places that celebrate this holiday in different ways. For example who came up with the idea of an Easter Bunny or brightly colored Easter eggs? Some will probably find this tradition a bit strange if not downright psychotic compared to their own traditions. Here we have compiled a list of the most bizarre Easter traditions around the world:

Czech Republic and Slovakia: Cracking the Whip
Visiting Eastern Europe during the early spring may not be the best option for the faint of heart. On Easter Monday in this section of the world, men take to the streets with sticks decorated with ribbons and hit passing women and girls in the hope of encouraging “good health and beauty.”

Finland: Witches of Easter-wick
If you happen to be in Finland on Easter Sunday, you may wonder if you have ventured back in time. Finnish tradition holds that on Easter all the witches in Finland would fly down to Germany to party with the devil. Nowadays children dressed in costumes carrying broomsticks that go door to door and seek candy commemorate this day. Sounds like Halloween right? Bonfires are also lit to keep the satanic forces away that supposedly roam around on this day.

Russia: Butter Lamb
In Russia they do not have delicious chocolate bunnies like their American counterparts. Instead Russians dig into a large piece of butter carved into the shape of a lamb. This tradition is based on the religious idea that lambs are lucky since they were the only animals that Satan could not take a form of.

Papua New Guinea: Tobacco Trees
Unlike the States, this tropical country does not see chocolate as its most loved item during Easter; instead you will find trees outside of churches decorated with sticks of tobacco and cigarettes. Following the Easter Sunday services smokes are handed out and everyone lights up.

France: World’s Biggest Omelette
Leave it to the French to create a culinary masterpiece on Easter Monday. In the town of Haux, all the villages take the eggs from their house and bring them to the town square to contribute to a massive pan which is used to cook an omelette that is enough to feed 1,000 people and contains over 4,500 eggs.

New Zealand: The Great Easter Bunny Hunt
Unlike the American version of a nice furry bunny on Easter, New Zealanders head out to hunt Peter the rabbit with a prize of $NZ 3,500 to whoever kills the most bunnies. Every year as many as 20,000 rabbits are killed.

Poland: Lazy Men
Meanwhile over in Poland on Easter Sunday, men are not allowed to cook anything or even stand in the kitchen, as tradition holds if they do so their mustache will turn grey. Old wives tale or the truth, it seems no one has tested this tradition.

Hungary: Water Splashing
Finally, over in Hungary the women dressed in traditional garbs while on their way to Sunday mass have men jump out at them and pure buckets of water on them as a “purifying ritual.”

So there you have it eight of the world’s most bizarre Easter traditions. Which do you think is the worst?