1. CAN’T BUY ME LOVEStudies overwhelmingly show that fighting over money is the number one predictor for divorce. Don’t be that couple. Use these tips to get your financial life together now and enjoy wedded bliss later.
  2. TALK ABOUT ITThere’s a reason that money breaks up relationships — people don’t like to talk about it until they’re arguing about it. But it’s important to talk about your financial status and attitudes toward money before you join your life with someone. So talk about it early and often to avoid surprises later.
  3. CREATE A BUDGET TOGETHERYeah, one of you may be better at managing money than the other, but you should both be involved in figuring out where your money will go.
  4. SET UP THREE ACCOUNTSEvery couple should have three spending accounts: yours, mine and ours. Use the joint account to pay household bills and your individual accounts for personal discretionary spending money.
  5. SET GOALSWhen and where do you want to buy a house and how much do you want to spend? How often do you want to vacation? How old do you want to be when you retire? What car do you want to buy next year? When you decide to join your accounts, it’s time to talk about your individual goals and craft joint goals — both for the short and long term — so you can determine the best way to manage your money.
  6. TAKE RESPONSIBILITYInevitably, one of you is better at paying bills on time while the other racks up late fees each month. Or one of you excels at managing spreadsheets and organizing tax receipts while the other can’t be bothered. Taking on financial responsibilities according to your preferences and talents will ensure that things get done.
  7. HAVE QUARTERLY MEETINGSAdd meetings to your schedule every three months to discuss the state of your finances. Are your bills all paid up? How close are you to paying off your debt? Did your credit card APR go up? It’s important that you both stay in the loop on — and invested in — your current financial situation.
  8. PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTUREFrom creating a will to funding your retirement accounts to buying life insurance to setting up 529 college saving accounts for your little ones, get a jump start on your financial future now and you’ll be able to reach your goals later.
  9. TACKLE DEBT TOGETHERIf one, or both, of you has outstanding debt, discuss it, because it will impact you both. How much is it? How much do you pay on it each month? Does it make sense to throw all of your extra money at his debt to ease the burden, then tackle yours?


source – bet.com