9 Reasons Rihanna Was the Baddest B**** at the BET Awards


The BET Awards were looooong, but on the bright side we got to see a lot ofRihanna being the baddest bitch of the evening.

From start to finish, Ri Ri had zero time for any nonsense and we were honored as audience members that she deigned to appear on our television screens.

Rihanna, we have your money, if it means you need payment for entertaining us with your bad girl shenanigans on Sunday night.

Here were all the ways Rihanna ruled the BET Awards:

1. When she sat in the audience with a roll of duct tape, but didn’t feel the need to explain herself. She let Twitter spin their own theories.

2. When she threw a stack of cash at BET’s President of Programming Stephen HillĀ backstage.

3. When she stood onstage and asked for silence.

4. When the mere mention of her song “Bitch Better Have My Money” sent fans into a tizzy.

5. When even Meek Mill was praising the skies above for sitting him near Rihanna.

6. When she came onstage and reminded everyone that we should all feel lucky that she’s there.

7. When she taped Floyd Mayweather‘s mouth shut.

8. When she was only in a few frames of her music video preview, and it was like the perfect appetizer.

9. When she posed with Nicki Minaj’s mom.

source – eonline.com

image – eonline.com