A Look At The Jamaican Maroons Festival 2013

On January 6th of each year, the Accompong Town Maroons in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica celebrates the birth of Captain Cudjoe and the victory of the Maroons over the British. This year marked the 275th year of the celebration.

The Maroons, descendants of ex-slaves who escaped from the plantations during slavery in Jamaica, built up their own free villages from which they could live without fear. During this period, prior to a treaty being signed between them and the British, the maroons put up a strong resistance battling the King’s army in search of complete freedom.

The Maroons most famous and notable leader, Captain Cudjoe, was a highly revered leader who headed the Maroons of central Jamaica, primarily Accompong Town.


Each year thousands of tourist flock to Accompong Town for the three day festival which traditionally kicks off on the 4th and continues to the 6th.  This year’s celebration began on a Saturday and was accompanied by music and dancing along with traditional Maroon and Jamaican foods. Over the course of the three days they festival goers experienced vastly different activities from church like services during the day to carnival like parties at nights.