A Luxury Home Seconds Away From Paradise


Architect Guy Dreier has built more than 50 residences in and around Palm Springs, and California. “One of the things he loves about this house is how easily he can jump from bed into the pool and swim laps. At night, he hits golf balls from a patch of green just off the pool onto the 18th fairway. It’s really like his own private resort.”

This resortlike ambience owes in large part to an open plan and to the pools of water—about 120,000 gallons’ worth—that form a sort of moat around the home. The pools are subtly divided so that the swimming areas can be heated without wasting energy on the reflecting pools. “Water flows through the home in every direction,” notes Dreier. “There’s a swimming pool directly off of the master bedroom, so that when you’re lying in bed and looking outside, it’s as if you’re floating over water.”

A floor-to-ceiling dual fireplace divides the main living area, which opens to outdoor patios via automated glass pocket doors. Slate and limestone swathe the alfresco spaces, while carpets of silk and wool line most of the floors inside. Dreier designed many of the furnishings, and some of them, such as the hutch in the dining room, he built in. He relied on a neutral color palette and various metals, including aluminum and steel, to create a design scheme that complements the landscape.

According to Dreier, the harmony between the indoor and outdoor areas is something the energetic homeowner particularly appreciates. In the master suite—where the owner sleeps beneath a vibrant aquarium recessed into the stone wall behind his bed—he can dream of the next day’s swim or round of golf and, upon waking, dive right in.

Source: robbreport.com