Alert! Pantsuits Just Got A Lot More Trendier

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2016 - Christian Dior - Street Style Arrival Featuring: Model Where: Paris, France When: 02 Oct 2015 Credit: FashionPPS/ **Only available in Germany and UK.**

Hillary Clinton and her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” are making a historical race for The White House. Following suit, Gucci and Prada modernized the two-piece pant suit for fall and fashion editors have been caught donning renewed suiting– all this to say, there’s no better time to revisit the pantsuit.

Pantsuits for the most part remain a major part of work wear, especially for those with a job in a conservative environment and the strict dress code to match. However the conservative and fashion forward need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to pant suits. The latest crop of suits featuring playful prints with updated tailoring and silhouettes, like flared trousers and culottes, make a pantsuit look so good you’ll want to wear one to your office no matter the dress code!