Andrew & Wada Blood Split

Brothers Andrew and Wada Blood have decided to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers. According to reports, the split was an amicable one as both are venturing out into something new.

The two who are the sons of Junior ‘One Blood” Reid have been working as a duo for over five years. They are famous for songs such as “Hustle til the Day,” “Irie” and “It’s My Time.”

Wada Blood told reporters, “It’s not like we came together and decided on it. We just are pursuing solo careers. Life is a journey and we each have our own path to trod, so he’s working on some solo projects and I’m doing the same.”

He also said that when they informed their father they would be pursuing solo careers, he gave them his blessings.

Wada blood is now set to release a new single with his younger brother Juju Blood titled “Where We From.” He also has other new singles to follow including “Mama” and “Money Haffi Mek.”