Another black woman arrested, dies in prison cell


An Ohio woman who was arrested on Friday night was found dead in her jail cell over the weekend.

Ralkina Jones, 37, of Cleveland, died on Sunday in a Cleveland Heights jail cell.

Jones was arrested on Friday night following an altercation involving her ex-husband. According to Brandon Jones, his ex-wife showed up at his job and smashed the window of his car with a tire iron. She also struck him in the arm with the iron.He was able to get the iron away from her and started walking away but Jones jumped into her car and attempted to run him over with her 12-year-old daughter in the back seat. Brandon was able to jump out of the way.

Jones was arrested and charged with felonious assault, criminal mischief, creating a disturbance, domestic violence and endangering a child. Brandon Jones declined to press charges, according to police reports.

As she was being taken into custody, officers discovered that Ralkina “was being treated for several medical conditions,” Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson said in a statement. She received prescription medications “as directed,” Robertson said.

On Saturday night, however, Jones was taken to the hospital because she was observed to appear “lethargic”. She was treated and sent back to jail at around 10:40 p.m. according to the police statement.

The paramedics were called again two hours later, but found that Jones’ vital signs were normal. She was given routine checks throughout the night.

Jones died sometime early Sunday morning. An autopsy was performed on Monday and it was found that there were “no suspicious injuries” to Jones’ body and that “further studies” were needed to determine a cause of death.

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