Are Meek Mill and Cassidy Feuding?


A Twitter war of words is unfolding between Cassidy and Meek Mills, after Cassidy reportedly dropped a recent Meek diss, “Me, Myself & iPhone.”

Meek took to Twitter to respond on December 22, when he sent a series of tweets directed at Cassidy.  “Listening 2 this diss….. Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally …… I feel sorry for u! Lol” he wrote.

He then further taunted Cassidy for their shared jail time.

“When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on ‘PC’ protective custody …. I was on the ‘drama block’ #difference.” he then went on to tell Cassidy where he could be found. Now we calling ya bluff somebody put it up if he don’t got it.. Ima waiting…riding thru my old hood in my new whip.”

In response Cassidy tweeted; “I gave @MeekMill months to respond.. Tomorrow? I thought you wasn’t battling.. FOH That song got you tight!!! Step them bars up..”