Ashanti Stalker Goes on New Rant Against Judge


Ashanti’s stalker is one harsh critic when it comes to the judge presiding over his case.

Devar Hurd previously criticized Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon for not being social media savvy and went on another tirade in court Tuesday (March 10), which ended with him getting kicked out of the courtroom.

Hurd now believes the judge is on his side and had no problem saying so. “You know I didn’t do nothin’,” he told Solomon. “Why are you not honoring the simple fact of what’s going on? Isn’t that part of your job?”

“Stay away from criticizing my work,” Solomon retorted.

Later, Hurd got agitated when Solomon asked the defense lawyer a question about evidence of text messages and emails that the 35-year-old allegedly sent to Ashanti and her family. “I feel like there’s a conflict of interest,” Hurd cut in, after demanding that he get a whole new judge. “You’re talking about text messages, there are no text messages. You’re talking about emails, there are no emails.”

Back in 2009, the Brooklyn native served three years for stalking Ashanti. At one point he shared a cell with Lil Wayne on New York’s Riker’s Island.

After his release, however, Hurd apparently got back to hounding the singer and landed himself right back in custody. His refusal to back down from a back-and-forth with Solomon is what got him booted from the courtroom.

Hurd is due back in court April 15.