Azealia Banks Takes On Perez Hilton!


It seems rapper Azealia Banks has found herself at odds again on Twitter, this time with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.


Apparently Perez seemed to have weighed in on her tiff with Angel Haze and has supported her over Banks which now has the rapper lashing out at him.


Azealia reportedly tweeted a slur at Perez taunting him about his sexuality. Perez and his supporters immediately took offense to the homophobic slur tweeted by Banks.

Meanwhile Banks supporters have said: “Perez has made a living out of bad mouthing celebs, trying to ruin their reputation. Azealia is an outspoken, female rapper” tweeted a fan. “You guys, @AZEALIABANKS also said dyke in a song… lets rip her a new one.. *end sarcasm*” said another. The bigger question of course, was aptly posed by a fan: “How did Perez Hilton even get in the middle of this Azealia/Angel thing?”