Back In Hot Water: Macy’s Catches Yet Another Racial Profiling Case


What are the higher-ups at Macy’s getting for Christmas? Apparently another stack of legal paperwork because the department store chain is being accused of racial profiling—again. This time they’re being accused by Halim Sharif, a Mount Vernon event promoter who says that on April 19, 2013 he was completely humiliated by Macy’s personnel for no reason other than the fact that he was a Black man making an expensive purchase.

According to The New York Daily News, after Sharif purchased a $2,400 Louis Vuitton bag from the Macy’s store in Herald Square, he was harassed by loss prevention about his purchase. For whatever reason, while exiting the store, Sharif said that an alarm went off and he was stopped by loss prevention, while he says a half-dozen of other customers walked out of the 34th street entrance, setting off store alarms as well.

“It was as clear as black and white,” Sharif told the NYDN. “There was no grey area. I saw people exit before me and after me — and none of them looked like me. They lacked pigmentation.”

As a result, he’s suing the department store chain for unspecified damages. A Macy’s spokesperson says that the company will be looking into the incident, insisting that they take these types of accusations very seriously.

“We take any claim made by our customers very seriously and will investigate Mr. Sharif’s allegation vigorously,” said the spokeswoman. “Macy’s has a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. If Macy’s policies have not been upheld, we will take swift and immediate action.”

We sure hope so, considering that this is the third accusation to hit news outlets this year. Attorney Kareem Vessup who also represents Kayla Phillips—the young woman who recently accused Barneys of racial profiling—says he believes that justice will be served on behalf of both of this clients.

“We’re confident that during the litigation and discovery process Kayla and Halim will receive the justice due to them based on their respective experiences,”said Vessup.

Things aren’t looking too good for Macy’s right now.