Beenie Man down with Zika


Beenie Man has been struck by the dreaded Zika virus and was forced to cancel his performance at Drake’s OVO Fest over the weekend.

He was unable to secure a Canadian visa for the show as a result.

The star posted a photo to social media showing him flat on his back in bed being tested for the notorious virus.

The unlucky star received a double whammy after contracting dengue as well. 

“Jah know…dah week ya deal wid me a way!!”

“No visa fi mi Canada show (I apologize again to my fans in case you haven’t seen the press release)

Zika Virus hol’ mi…”

“The same Zika mosquito gi mi dengue.  Blood test, injections, pills. Wi a hol firm still. Selassie a guide I n I right through so once mi have life me a give thanks. #Unstoppable

Beenie Man was one of the headlining acts on this year’s OVO Fest along with Machel Montano.

Source: Loop Jamaica