Before We Grew Up, We Hated This Fashion Trend

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We’ve had a love hate relationship with turtlenecks.

Growing up, we thought they were devices for humiliation while our parents (mom), who meant well, saw them as a fashionable way to stay warm in frigid temperatures. For adeventureus adolescents (little playground terrors) like ourselves, the clingy garment was nonfunctional and uncomfortable. Not to mention, being caught in one basically meant you’d be the butt of everyone’s jokes and frankly, we had no interest in being “turtle enough for the turtle club”.

This cold weather staple was something like a fashion nightmare and now that we’re adulting, we don’t find them quite as frightening. In fact, the frock is currently one of our favorite pieces to incorporate into our wardrobe.

Mom would be proud!

It turns out, turtlenecks actually make great layering pieces and are a cozy alternative for swaddeling yourself in a scarf. They’re also super fashionable and come in a variety of prints and textures to make an OOTD pop! And to boot, there are a number of not so elementary ways to style them.