Bermuda Triangle Revisted!


If you visit the Clocktower Mall at Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda, you will see a sculpture and plaque marked “official tip of the Bermuda Triangle”. However, while there is no official boundary for this infamous triangle that has allegedly claimed many ships and aircrafts, few scientists have acknowledged its existence.

The question is, how did a stretch of ocean gain such notoriety? Strange occurrences have reportedly happened in the Triangle which is generally accepted to be between South Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.  The mystery surrounding this stretch of ocean can be traced back to Christopher Columbus. History records that weeks before “discovering” America he made four log entries in 1492 mentioning compass anomalies and unusual high seas despite very little wind.


Well known incidents in the Triangle include the disappearance of the USS Cyclops and its crew of 309 men in 1918 and the vanishing a few decades later in February 1945 of the US Air Force Flight 19 with five crew members.


Despite the many incidents of disappearances and strange occurrences in the triangle, there has been no real proof to dispel or give credibility to what may have occurred there. Some have been passed off as human error.


Whatever the case may be, the Bermuda Triangle remains an unsolved mystery and fascinating tale which further adds a mystique and charm to the island of Bermuda.