Blood, Sweat, And Glitter Got This 13-Year-Old Designer’s Clothing Line In Nordstrom


For a fashion designer, getting their line sold in a national department store is a major milestone and a sign of great success–especially when that designer just turned 13 years old. Isabella Rose Taylor (above left), a young Texan who just turned 13 in March, is one such designer. Her line of juniors’ girls clothing will debut in 10 Nordstrom stores this August, just in time for back-to-school shopping.

Isabella’s career spans back all of five years to when she went to sewing camp at age 8, reports Fast Company. When she returned, she had been sew inspired (pun intended) that she started to make clothes for herself, and soon began to make them for her friends, as well. A little while later she had a trunk show, and as word of mouth kept growing,

Isabella and her parents decided to start a legitimate clothing business and enlisted the help of a NYC-based fashion-business coach, Liza Deyrmenjian.

Deyrmenjan was a 20-year industry veteran but had never before worked with a client as young as Isabella. (No surprise there.) But the age difference wasn’t a problem in the mentor-mentee relationship. Deyrmenjan told Fast Co., “Talent-wise, Isabella wasn’t at all different from my other clients. Her age was actually an advantage; because she was young and wasn’t jaded and had no fear. Her vision was clear–and she’s an incredible designer.”

After Isabella’s talent landed her appearances on the “The Today Show” and “Steve Harvey,” Isabella’s team reached out to Nordstrom, who it turned out had already heard of Isabella’s line. And in just a few short months the Isabella Rose

Taylor line will hit 10 stores and offer up 10-15 pieces of juniors’ girls clothing “hippie-grunge, yet feminine” style.

As for how she maintains her success Isabella told Fast Company it’s a combo of three things: blood, sweat, and glitter. “Blood because it takes a lot of passion and sacrifice. Sweat because of the time and hard work you must do. And glitter because of the imagination and creativity. There must be a dream behind your business.”

Is this chick impressive or what?