Bloody Photos of Chris Brown’s Alleged D.C. Victim Released


The highly publicized trials of Chris Brown and his bodyguard just got more public. The judge has approved the release of evidence photos, via the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and among the images are the bloodied face of the 20-year-old victim, Parker Adams.

Also included in the legally released flicks from the D.C. incident are a shot of Adams’ bloodied shirt, and one of CB and the two female fans with whom he was allegedly taking a flick when Adams photobombed him and prompted his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy to respond.

Hollosy testified in his trial (from which the evidence photos were released) that he was the only one to hit Adams. He was found guilty. Adams maintains that Brown attacked him as well.

Brown’s trial is pending, and he remains in custody until that time. No date has been set as yet.

Meanwhile, the pics are hanutingly similar to the leaked photo of Rihanna’s pummeled face from the 2009 domestic fight between the former celebrity couple. The LAPD cop who illegally let that photo loose was banned from rejoining the force.