Bobby V Carjacked in Atlanta

R&B Singer Bobby V had a run in with carjackers recently, who took off with his 2013 Bentley.


According to reports, two men in the parking lot of Hot Beats Recording Studio approached the 32 year-old singer/songwriter at gunpoint. The gunmen demanded that he give them his 2013 Bentley, which the singer did without a fight.


Although shaken up over the incident, the singer was not hurt. He took to Twitter to discuss his ordeal. He tweeted, “GOD saved me last night.. Thank u Lord life is so precious&we take it 4 granted!! Everything u wanna do, DO IT!pray&be thankful 4 wht u hav!”


In the meantime, the Atlanta police have already arrested one of the suspects after eyewitnesses were able to identify him. The car has also since been recovered.


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