Brandy suing her record label for $1 Million

Veteran R&B singer Brandy Norwood is suing her record label Chameleon Entertainment and its president, Breyon Prescott, for one million dollars.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brandy is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages as her last album, Two Eleven was supposed to be the start of a five-album deal which never happened, leaving Brandy out in the cold.

Brandy’s lawyers claim that “Chameleon was obligated to pay recording costs for the second album in the amount of $600,000,” 10 percent of which it would owe “promptly following receipt of notice that Norwood had commenced recording of the second album,” the lawsuit alleges while noting “events occurred that led Defendants to want to delay Norwood from working on her second album” and RCA — Chameleon’s distributor — terminated her distribution deal, leaving Prescott’s company “in a bind.”

Brandy claims Chameleon put a freeze on her contract in April 2014, leaving her in limbo.


Source: Dre1Alliance