Buju Banton’s Gun Conviction Charges Dropped!

A federal judge earlier today threw out a 2011 gun conviction against embattled reggae star Mark Myrie also known as Buju Banton.


Buju is currently serving a ten year sentence for helping to set up a deal to purchase and sell 11 pounds of cocaine. However with this charge being dropped he will not face an additional five years for a participant carrying an illegal gun.

In related news jury foreman Terri Wright’s troubles may just be beginning. She could face a fine and up to six months in prison if she is found guilty of contempt.  U.S. District Judge James Moody Jr. concludes that Wright did independent research during Banton’s trial in February 2011 and discussed her findings with her fellow jurors. All this came to light after she did a newspaper interview in October last year.


When Wright was confronted about her actions she reportedly submitted the incorrect computer hard drive for a forensic examination. In October she told a Florida journalist in a recorded interview that she did research after the trial. In court today Banton’s lawyer Chokwe Lumumba again pushed for Wright to give a time frame as to when she did the research as the hard drive she submitted did not have any activity on it for the period of the trial. Moody for her part said it was two years ago and she does not recall.


Buju was present at today’s hearing, when quizzed as to how he was doing his lawyer said, “Creative minds suffer when locked up.”