Calvin Klein Serves It Straight Up For Fall 2014


For Calvin Klein’s Fall 2014 collection, creative director Francisco Costa took a page from Michael Kors creating a line filled with sheer and knit separates. But between the both, knit won having 85 percent of the collection covered in it.

Costa was said to be inspired by the art of Loretta Lux, who created images of children with a wild innocence. This along with his apparent love of all things cozy, urban and gypsy resulted in a fairly relaxed line with few flares of color.
The connect came in cut, where all the pieces were boxy having little shape, and shoe, every model wore lace-up boots. There was something grunge about the presentation made chic by the soft textures.

While we saw a few pieces that have doppelgangers in thrift shops all over, we get the idea of comfort. Because after a week of snow struggle, that’s all a girl could ask for.