Cannonlands National Park.


Located in Utah this 337,598 acres park has exquisite views of the Green river and Colorado Rivers which flows together at the heart of Cannonlands. From canon mazes, unbroken scarps and sandstone pillars the views are all there.


The park is divided into three districts by the merging rivers. The high mesa is known as the Island of The Sky and rises as a headland 2,000 feet above the confluence.  To the South of the island and east of the confluence is The Needles. This area has red and white towers 400 feet over grassy parks and sheer walled valleys. To the west marks The Maze which is a remote region of pure solitude.


Sandstones primarily make up Cannonland’s visible rock. However the character of the land is largely shaped by underlying salt deposits which push upwards forming domes that fracture the surface.


How To Get There

Island In The Sky District- From Moab (35 miles away), take US 191 north 12 miles to Utah 313 and proceed 23 miles southwest to the visitor center.

Needles District: From Moab (75 miles away), follow US 191 south to Utah 211 and then west for 34 miles to park entrance.

Maze District: From Green River, take I-70 west to Utah 24, then south to a well-marked dirt road leading 46 miles to Hans Flat Ranger Station.


Ground shuttles are also available.


When To Go.

During spring and fall it is ideal to explore by foot or vehicle. Summer is generally hot but the humidity level is low. Snow and the cold could make it hard to get around during the winter months.