Welcome! JAMROCK is an international premier Lifestyle, Travel, Art & Culture magazine published seasonally under Linkup Media Group of companies. Linkup Media Group of Companies is the flagship corporation of powerful entertainment groups, premium health products, and life improvement operations catering to the Multicultural Communities globally.

JAMROCK magazine envisions and pilots projects for a fundamentally different publication that is attuned to the emerging digital, interactive publishing world. Learn more about work opportunities at JAMROCK below, or browse our website to learn more about our work.

What does JAMROCK do?

Combining the latest trends and current events around the world, we come up with a keyword for every issue of Jamrock Magazine.  It is a contemporary transcultural magazine that shows the intriguing relationships and different perspectives through the keyword we choose.  We focus on a publication that gives a presentation to the multicultural audience.

What has JAMROCK done in the past?
Starting out with just focusing on the Caribbean audience, working with external clients like Sean Paul, Rihanna, the Marley brothers… the Magazine takes on controversial topics that make an impact in the Caribbean. Inspired by the multicultural base of the Caribbean, we are now expanding our audience to the multicultural audience globally.

What is JAMROCK doing in the future?
The agenda of the Magazine unfolds as projects and partnerships take shape. We have selected creative individuals who work on brainstorming contemporary trending contents.

What is JAMROCK looking for?
JAMROCK is looking for skilled and creative minds that are interested in producing an excellent publication for people to keep. We want individuals who like working collaboratively and love the publishing industry, but who also have strong interests of their own and [dropcap]…[/dropcap]aren’t afraid of proposing and managing their own projects.

What should I do next?

If you think you are ready to join the team and take on the challenges of producing excellent work, please contact Attach your resume, put position desire as subject and someone will contact you shortly.

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