Caribbean Next Top Model Premieres


The search for the Caribbean’s Next Top Model began last Monday, when 23 finalists were introduced to viewers on the show’s premiere episode.

Contestants were given the opportunity to meet with Pedro Virgil, celebrity host and fashion photographer, as to which marked the start of the competition. The first challenge saw the models being split into groups and given the task to design T-shirts and slogans to address the stigma surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They were also required to do a quick shoot with Virgil wearing their designs.

Following the first challenge, the models were given the chance to convince the celebrity judges, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Richard Young and Pedro Virgil, that they had the ability to become the Caribbean’s Next Top Model, and gave an insight into their personalities.

Viewers were given a more in depth view of the trials and tribulations some of the contestants faced in order for them to make it to the show. They also got a chance to see the models show off their best runway walk.

At the end of the first show, Virgil’s photo shoots the deciding factor that the girls were being judged on. 12 girls were given the pink slip while 11 remained to battle it out in upcoming episodes. The contestants remaining are: Sedia from Barbados, Kendra from the Bahamas, Treveen from the Cayman Islands, Stephany from Curacao, Ashley from Guadeloupe; Trudy-Lee from Jamaica, and Semoy, Athaliah, Susan, Sheriza and Rachel from Trinidad and Tobago.