Cash Money Authors Ashley & JaQuavis Talk ‘Murderville’ Trilogy


New York Times best-selling authors, and Ashley JaQuavis have written books since they were teenagers. The husband of 25 years and wife duo has more than 36 books to his credit, but his latest novel, Murder City (content Cash Money), is one of their most anticipated yet. Want to Murder is the first in a trilogy of African immigrants who have big dreams when they come to America, but discovers some harsh realities of life and the streets. VIBE caught up with them to discuss their writing process and what fans can expect from their books.

What can we expect of Murder Would?

JaQuavis: Murderville is our best book yet! This is honestly the best love story ever written. These two children of Sierra Leone ⎯ take two different paths to achieve the American dream. When they arrive in the United States, one of them is trapped in the sex trade, which is about people and the other person, who is the man, was adopted by a drug lord lord. They finally meet again as adults. This is a very complex story that touches the Blood Diamond crisis.

I can imagine that you are using a real-life influences in some novels. Discuss where the inspiration comes from.

JaQuavis: We’re in Flint, Michigan, and anyone who knows him knows that is not real poor. There is really positive in my city. Everyone has the mentality channel itself. Our inspiration comes from what we know. We do not want to write about what was wrong, we wanted to give a true picture of where we came from and who we are for our readers. Therefore, write about experiences in life, what we feel and what we know, that way we can extend our readers and they will feel. So really our education in the city and our experiences is where we have our stories of the street.

What is more difficult to co-write a book?

Ashley: Look, it’s very difficult for us because we are so in tune with each other. Before we were a couple, we were like best friends. We have always seen along so well our models of writing were almost always seamless, and there was no contradiction. We know that every story, you end up having a great difference in the content, but when we have so great a subject, then we know we got like two people who are creative head for more than a book. The writing process is fairly flat with us. We outline the entire book, and then is like a lottery draft, and how it happens or how can I describe this in this way? And he says well I want in this chapter. We value each other in writing, so I never tried to change the content of his and he respects what I do. Skill game. It is one that has more. We are equally talented.

Is there a plan to make Murder is a film?

Ashley: Not yet, but it’s crazy that you just said. We just received a call from two days of cash on the cartels. We can not reveal much yet, but it will be an important film.

Throw some names of people you’d see in the film if he had his way.

JaQuavis: I do not want to offend anyone, if someone else can be partially, but I put it this way, we would certainly love Idris Elba to be one of our films.

What is the cultural significance of stories to tell?

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