Mark Zuckerberg unveils Morgan Freeman-voiced AI assistant

Check Zuckerberg has enrolled the assistance of Morgan Freeman and tackled Nickelback while revealing his new computerized reasoning aide.

The Facebook organizer and CEO flaunted “Jarvis” with a post on the venture and recordings on his Facebook page.

The voice intelligent aide takes its name from a comparable AI gadget in the “Iron Man” movies. Freeman gives its voice.

Zuckerberg can be found in the recordings utilizing Jarvis to control lights, the indoor regulator and even make toast. It likewise plays music, however when requested that by Zuckerberg play some great tunes by the tremendously ridiculed Canadian band, Nickelback, Jarvis answers: “There are no great Nickelback melodies.”

The recordings include his better half Priscilla Chan and their little child girl, Max.

Zuckerberg calls the recordings “a fun synopsis.”

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Snapchat removes filter amid claims of racial insensitivity

Snapchat has removed a filter for photos that some say promoted racist Asian stereotypes.

The social media app’s filters, also called lenses, allow users to change their appearance with silly faces or morph themselves into cartoonish animals and other characters.

A filter that Snapchat says was inspired by Japanese animation placed slanted eyes on a user’s face. The filter was quickly derided by Snapchat users on Twitter . One Asian-American user, Grace Sparapani, tells The Associated Press in a Twitter message she was “shocked by how much it looked like the classic cartoon caricatures of Asians–squinty eyes and buckteeth.”

Los Angeles-based Snapchat tells USA Today the filter has been taken down and won’t be used again. The company says its filters “are meant to be playful and never to offend.”

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Cops use Pokemon Go to lure fugitives

Police in New Hampshire’s largest city have gotten the Pokemon Go bug, trying to lure fugitives with the popular app.

A post on the Manchester Police Department Facebook page announces that police recently detected one of the more rare Pokemon characters — a Charizard — in the booking area. The post invites those whose names appear on a list linked to the post to be “one of the lucky ones” to come capture the Charizard.

The list includes the names of the more than 500 fugitives on the department’s wanted persons roundup.

Sgt. Eric Knight said Sunday the post has yet to net an arrest. But it’s been popular with its Facebook followers.
 Since the post went up late Saturday night, it’s captured more than 13,000 “likes.”

Google’s Chrome edges Microsoft’s IE as top browser

NEW YORK—Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is no longer king of the browser hill.

That distinction belongs instead to Google’s Chrome, which according to (known also as Net, registered a collective desktop market share for all versions of the browser of 41.67% in April, nipping IE, which had a 41.37% share. The market share for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer’s successor, is included in the tally.

Mozilla Firefox (9.76%), Apple Safari (4.91%) and Opera (1.89%) round out the top five. On a version-by-version basis, NetMarketShare reports that Chrome 49 was the leader in April with a 21.79% share, besting runner-up IE 11 at 19.88%.

Microsoft pretty much kicked the venerable Internet Explorer to the curb when it chose a brand new Web browser, Microsoft Edge, for Windows 10. Then this past January, Microsoft announced it was ending technical support and security updates for all versions of IE except the current version IE 11.

A rival tracker company, StatCounter, which measures usage differently than NetMarketShare, already had Chrome in the lead.

Internet Explorer has been dominant browser space since the latter stages of the20th Century when it toppled Netscape, leading to a famous antitrust case that Microsoft and the U.S. Dept. of Justice ultimately settled.

As recently as June 2015, IE had nearly double the share of Chrome (54.00% versus 27.23%). But IE has been on the decline ever since, largely to Chrome’s benefit. Firefox has also fallen.

These days, Microsoft has turned its attention to Edge. In a blog post just last week, the company announced that on Windows 10, Edge will be the only browser that will launch when you search from a Cortana search box.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Already In The Making

Great news for GTA fans – Grand Theft Auto 6 is already in the works.

Unfortunately, It’s still early in development, so early according to Screen Rant, the company hasn’t even decided on a setting for the game yet.

TechRadar reported that its sources confirmed work has begun on Grand Theft Auto 6, though it will likely be a few years before the game sees a release. This would give the game a release approximately four to six years after GTAV, which is around the same time frame seen in between 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV and GTAV.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t have a setting yet, Rockstar is known to scout different settings and even take trips to real-world cities to get a feel for them. TechRadar‘s sources mentioned a trip that Rockstar took to Tokyo around the time of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City because the company was interested in doing a game set in Tokyo

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V is the #4 best-selling video game of all time, beat out only by Minecraft, Wii Sports, and Tetris. The game made $1 billion in its first three days, and to date has sold more than 60 million copies.


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Wow! Tesla’s ‘mass market’ Model 3 is sexy and fast

Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally unveiled his long-awaited “mass market” electric car — and this little package is packed with some serious juice.

The Model 3 — a four-door compact sedan whose $35,000 sticker price is the lowest price car Tesla has produced — is half that of its bigger cousin, the Model S.

It will accelerate from zero to 60 miles an hour in less than six seconds, Musk told a crowd of cheering Tesla fans at a splashy event in California.

It is expected to go on sale in late 2017.

Musk, however, hinted that such enhancers will also be available for the Model 3, whose price tag will be cut to as low as $25,000 for early adopters through a combination of federal and state incentives.

Musk said that in the first 12 hours of accepting $1,000 down payments, more than 115,000 reserved a Model 3.



Taking the stage late Thursday in Hawthorne, Calif., the visionary billionaire said the upcoming Model 3 will get a minimum range of 215 miles on a single charge, powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries manufactured at the company’s nearby Gigafactory.

Unveiling the design of the Model 3 for the first time, Musk showed off red, white and grey versions of the car onstage, all of them looking a bit like a compact version of the Model S.

Despite being 20 percent smaller than the Model S, Musk said the Model 3 will seat five adults comfortably.

Tesla Motors unveils the new lower-priced Model 3 sedan at the Tesla Motors design studio.

To enhance the sense of spaciousness, the Model 3’s rear roof will consist of “one continuous pane of glass,” he said. The lack of a combustion engine allows space for both front and rear trunks, he noted, giving the Model 3 more cargo capacity than any other car with the same external dimensions.

“Can you fit a seven-foot surfboard on the inside? The answer is yes,” Musk said.

At the start of the presentation, Musk outlined the company’s long-term strategy to start by selling the higher-priced Roaster, Model S and Model X cars in order to fund production of the Model 3 — Tesla’s most important product as it looks to “accelerate the transition to sustainable transport.”


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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition now available in the U.S. Read more at

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is now available in the U.S.. As we pointed out to you yesterday, there are some subtle and not so subtle changes made to the original model of the phone. First, a new reinforced stainless steel frame has been added to the device. And a diamond pattern soft touch back is now included. In addition, the dimensions of the phone have changed with the new Silver Edition. The latter measures 131mm x 90.5mm x 9.25mm vs. the OG Passport’s measurements of 128mm x 90.3mm x 9.3mm. The AT&T version of the phone measures 131mm x 90.5mm x 9.3mm.

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is available from BlackBerry, unlocked, for $549 USD. There is no support for Verizon, Sprint and U.S. Cellular bands. The phone supports FD-LTE: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,13,17,20 HSPA +: 1,2,4,5/6, 8, EDGE.

Buy the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition through August 19th from BlackBerry, and you’ll receive accessories for free valued at over $130. That includes a Sync Pod ($34.99 Value), Leather Flip Case ($59.99 Value) and a Leather Flex Shell ($39.99 Value).

BlackBerry has improved the Passport both inside and out. If you told yourself that you would never look at BlackBerry again, you might only be hurting yourself by not giving the Wide Worker another look.

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Facebook’s new feature allows users to view a stream of live events Read more at

Facebook started streaming live events from the Lollapalooza Music Festival today as the social media site thinks about taking on messaging apps like Snapchat. The latter has its “Our Stories” feature that allows those attending an event to share video and pictures with Snapchat members, on a single stream. Facebook has streamed the video from the music festival on Place Tips, an area of Facebook where users can find out information about friends’ current locations. Besides viewing public content from Lollapalooza, Facebook members who have friends attending the annual music festival can view videos and photos sent by them.

Twitter is supposed to join the fray with Project Lightning. With this new feature, scheduled to debut at the end of the year, Twitter users will see a button on their homepage that they can tap to see live events.

Facebook notes that its live streaming differs from what Snapchat offers, and what Twitter will launch in the future. The latter two messaging apps curate feeds from all of its users. Facebook, on the other hand, will allow subscribers to see Place Tips videos and pictures from their friends only.

This also helps Facebook compete with Periscope and Meerkat; those two apps allow users to broadcast live events to their Twitter followers.
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Galaxy S6 prices dropping?

Samsung says it intends to drop the price on its two flagship Android phones in the near future.

The news comes from Samsung itself, and was part of a statement released alongside its latest earnings report, in which it shows an improvement over projections, but admits they didn’t come from sales of its smartphones. “Despite the launch of the Galaxy S6,” it reads, “improvements to earnings was quite marginal due to low smartphone shipments and an increase in marketing expenses.”

This doesn’t mean it’s not selling any, but it would like to sell more. The key sentence for bargain hunters is found when Samsung says it wants to maintain the “sales momentum for its high-end products,” by adjusting the price of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. It doesn’t state how much this adjustment will be, or really whether it’ll be an increase of a decrease, but we can’t imagine it’ll be putting the price up even more.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phones are among the most expensive currently on sale, and in the wake of Motorola and OnePlus’s announcement of equally powerful phones that cost $200 less than an S6, an “adjustment” in price seems appropriate.

It’s timely for another reason. On August 13, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, neither of which will be cheap. The statement alludes to the arrival of the new phones, stating it’ll “flexibly adjust the price of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and launch a new model with a larger screen.”

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