As we number down to our nineteenth organizing of the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards slated for Thursday, May 25, 2017 we shed light on those accused of elevating our cooking to the guests to our shores. We began with Sandals Resorts International and proceed with this week in the kitchens of the Half Moon Hotel.

Cosimo Riccardi — Chef de Cuisine, Il Giardino Restaurant at Half Moon

Culinary expert Cosimo Riccardi, right now gourmet specialist de food of Half Moon’s Italian eatery, Il Giardino, has 13 years of involvement in the eatery business. His excursion began in the UK as culinary expert gardemanger before advancing toward Italy working in two-star Michelin-evaluated eateries.

Amid his residency at Il Giardino, Riccardi has presented dishes with impacts from Naples, Italy and has made utilization of the regular herbs in the herb cultivate at Half Moon, and in addition new and occasional vegetables found in Jamaica.

Christopher Golding, Chef De Cuisine, Sugar Mill Restaurant

Golding concentrated home financial matters in secondary school before wandering into the kitchen of the Wyndham Hotel as a student. Assist down to earth abilities were sharpened at the Sans Souci Resort. Enlisting at the Hocking Technical College in Ohio, US, the Caribbean Training Institute and the HEART Academy in Runaway Bay managed him the fundamental accreditations. It wasn’t much sooner than his longing for experience grabbed hold and Golding ended up on board the Premier Cruise Lines, where he put in five years as culinary expert de partie, and later as its sous gourmet specialist.

Notwithstanding working with the Premier Cruise Lines as a culinary specialist de partie and sous gourmet expert, Golding likewise worked at the now-dead The Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall Resort and Spa in St James for a long time as cook de partie, colleague sous gourmet specialist and sous gourmet expert. He joined Half Moon in 2008 as sous cook for the resort’s ocean side eatery, Seagrape Terrace.

Rudolph Bailey, Sous Chef, Seagrape Terrace Restaurant

Rudolph Bailey carries with him 19 years of involvement in the culinary expressions. Having been prepared at the HEART professional focus in Trelawny, Bailey acknowledged his first occupation at a visitor house in Fairfield, St James get ready dinners for the little number of visitors who might remain there. Before taking up the sous culinary specialist position at the Seagrape Terrace, he worked at the Sugar Mill Restaurant – granted the Norma Shirley Restaurant of the Year in 2016 at the

Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards.

Throughout the years, Bailey has built up an affection for flavors, for example, cilantro and tarragon, alluding to them as “new” and “interesting” fixings with solid flavors that function admirably with the dishes he appreciates get ready. One of his favored dishes is flame broiled sheep with simmered garlic and rosemary, taking note of that sheep doesn’t require much and the fixings are to upgrade its regular flavor.

Nicholas Castillo, Sous Chef, Sugar Mill Restaurant

Having attempted his hand at various occupations previously, including development and business enterprise, Nicholas Castillo got to be distinctly attracted to the culinary expressions. He says his secondary school culinary educator alluded to him as “a characteristic” and this propelled him to seek after the culinary expressions at the HEART Culloden Vocational Training Center before joining the group at Sandals Negril.

Roused by his mom and her cooking systems (she makes a phenomenal escoveitch angle), Castillo watched precisely for a long time and has since built up his own style, which incorporates trying different things with garlic, a most loved of his because of its satisfying fragrance and taste. He keeps on being roused and inspired by the “wows” he gets from visitors at Half Moon who discover his dishes delightful.

Gabriel Villagra, Head Pastry Chef, Half Moon

Gabriel Villagra has made considerable progress from his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With over 10 years of involvement in the realm of cakes, Villagra was prepared at the Institute Argentine Culinary in Argentina before going to the Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil, Paris, France. It was in the city of affection, where he began to look all starry eyed at the craft of cakes and remained in Paris to fill in as a baked good culinary expert in a bread kitchen there.

Villagra says he is the main dough puncher in his family and is pleased with the way he has trod, which has conveyed him to Jamaica. It is here where he now shares his affection for chocolate – an adaptable fixing in a wide range of treats – and enjoys treks to Ocho Rios, his most loved place in his new home.

Source: Jamaica Observer

The 2017 Bentley Mulliner Revealed

Mulliner has always helped create individual and imaginative cars, from the original R-Type Continental to today’s Mulsanne Grand Limousine. Starting in a time where everything was bespoke, the company has become synonymous with personal commissions and collaborations – creating the finest versions of the finest cars in the world.

When it comes to bespoke craftsmanship, Mulliner’s vision is legendary. Like all artisans, however, the team takes inspiration from everywhere – including the imagination and desires of the discerning people that commission unique Bentleys. The company is dedicated to turning inspiration into reality, anything from daring designs to small details that surprise and delight.


Source: The Troopixs

Champion Couple: Dwayne ‘DJ Bravo’ and former Miss Barbados World Regina Ramjit

West Indian cricketer and recording artiste Dwayne ‘DJ Bravo’ got himself a new girlfriend, Miss Barbados World 2013 Regina Ramjit.

The two started making rounds online after the 32-year-old ‘Champion’ singer stopped by Indian Hindi stand-up comedy and talk show television series The Kapil Sharma Show with 22-year-old Ramjit by his side.

View photos of the adorable couple below.

Screen-Shot-2016-06-04-at-10.57.25-PM Screen-Shot-2016-06-04-at-10.57.35-PM Screen-Shot-2016-06-04-at-10.57.44-PM

The hot new sunscreen that gives skin instant vitamin D

When Gwyneth Paltrow fractured her tibial plateau in 2007, her doctors discovered she had the beginnings of bone-thinning osteopenia and the lowest vitamin D levels they had ever seen. Their prescription: vitamin D supplements and some SPF free time in the sun.

Now an innovative new Australian sunscreen brand named Solar D will provide Paltrow and others with broad-spectrum sun protection while allowing vitamin D synthesis. Traditional formulas block the production of vitamin D, which is created in your skin through direct exposure to rays. To counteract this, some doctors recommend five to 30 minutes of unprotected sun time at least twice a week.

Solar D Active Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $11.99 at, available in JunePhoto: Courtesy of the Designer

“Vitamin D is critically important — from birth until death,” says Dr. Michael F. Holick, an endocrinologist at Boston University School of Medicine and expert in vitamin D research. He teamed up with Solar D to develop the patent- pending product — the first of its kind, say its creators.

In fact, using Solar D instead of traditional formulas in the same SPF allows up to 50 percent more vitamin D production, says Holick, who has no financial interests in the company.

The “sunshine vitamin” is tied to a host of health benefits — everything from strong bones and teeth and improved fertility to lowered risk of diseases such as cancer and Type 1 diabetes. But fears of skin cancer and wrinkles have resulted in people staying out of the sun or covering up. That’s created what some are calling a vitamin D deficiency epidemic: According to a 2010 nutrition study, nearly 42 percent of US adults showed insufficient vitamin D levels.

“We’ve recognized that part of the sun is very good for you,” explains Solar D managing director Mathew Collett. “We’re letting in as much [of the vitamin D-activating rays] as we possibly can, but still getting an SPF of 30.”

Solar D is set to hit the US in June via and will be available in SPFs 30 and 50.

“When you’re exposed to sunlight you feel better,” says Holick, who’s tested the sunscreen and says it works. “Now you can have your cake — and eat it too.”

On the beach, of course.


Source: NYPost

These Local Quick-Service Restaurants are Revolutionizing American Fast Food

When Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle in Denver in 1993, the plan wasn’t to get rich selling out to McDonald’s or to revolutionize fast food in America.

Ells is a classically trained chef educated at the Culinary Institute of America, and he wanted the cash from his high-quality, fast-service burrito and taco restaurant to fund a future fine dining establishment. But it wasn’t long before Chipotle exploded, and the founder’s plans changed. He might not have intended to start the fast food revolution, but two decades later, it’s here.

Now, celebrity chefs all over the country – from Danny Meyer to Bobby Flay to David Chang – have opened replicable “fast-casual” restaurant concepts to help support their fine dining restaurants.

As Chang wrote in a recent piece for GQ, these fine dining eateries run on impossibly thin margins. And Chang has joined the company of celebrity chefs around the country who are using their names to drive business at new low-cost ventures.

Whether they’re higher quality alternatives to traditional fast foods – like burgers and fried chicken – or restaurants focusing on more healthful meals, these chef-driven, fast casual spots often focus on freshly made food made with local, sustainable ingredients.

While chains like Meyer’s Shake Shack have already expanded beyond U.S. borders, there are still quite a few local spots trying to reboot fast food in their own communities. Here are 10 of the best restaurants around the U.S. trying to change us from a Fast Food Nation into a Fast Casual Nation.

New York: Fuku

What Shake Shack is to McDonald’s, Fuku is to Chick-fil-A – or at least it’s trying to be. The thin menu at Chang’s standing-room-only restaurant is built around the fried chicken sandwich. The crispy, juicy chicken is marinated in pureed habanero peppers before getting battered, fried, dressed with a pickle and sandwiched inside the Fuku-buttered bun.

And no, you can’t order a non-spicy version, so don’t ask. Sandwiches are $8 to $9, and sides like salad, slaw and fries start at $3. Oh, and one more bonus to the new fast food? There’s a liquor license.

In addition to the original East Village location, the Momofuku chef has already opened other New York locations at Madison Square Garden and Citi Field, as well as a Midtown location of Fuku+, which has an extended menu (and seats).

Chicago: XOCO

Chef Rick Bayless – arguably the king of Mexican food north of the border – opened his first XOCOright next door to his more upscale establishments, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. At Xoco, Bayless dishes out freshly made Mexican street food like tortas, caldos (soups) and Mexican hot chocolate made from cacao beans roasted in house.

Bayless even uses some ingredients from Chicago‘s sustainable Green City Market to stuff his tortas, cooked in Xoco’s wood-burning oven or griddle press. Daily specials and seasonal items accompany year-round specialties like the Cochinita Pibil torta – suckling pig with achiote, black beans, pickled onion and habanero.

Sandwiches go for as little as $9, while soups start at $10.50 and breakfast can be had for less than $5. Margaritas and craft cervezas round out the menu at both the River North and Wicker Park locations.

Washington DC: Beefsteak

World-renowned chef José Andrés is ambitiously doing what few have done before him: a quick-service restaurant that puts vegetables first. But make no mistakes; this is no salad joint. It’s whatBeefsteak refers to as “vegetables, unleashed.”

Beefsteak’s build-your-own approach allows customers to select a base including bulgur, quinoa, rice or leafy greens, as well as vegetables ranging from things like yellow squash to seaweed salad to kimchi, and sauces like garlic yogurt and spicy tomato. Meat options include chicken and salt-cured salmon.

When possible, the James Beard Award-winning chef sources from local farmers and menu items rotate seasonally. Andrés is unleashing vegetables at four locations in the DC area and one at Philadelphia’s UPenn campus.

San Diego: The Crack Shack

The team behind The Crack Shack didn’t want to answer which came first, so they decided to focus on the chicken and the egg. Chefs Michael Rosen and Richard Blais (of Top Chef fame) created this all-bird, all-day café in the same San Diego parking lot as their celebrated upscale endeavor, Juniper and Ivy.

And while The Crack Shack is trendy, it’s decidedly not upscale. Bocce ball court? Check. Communal tables? Check. Giant chicken? Yep, there’s one of those too.

Sandwiches like the Señor Croque (crispy chicken, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, miso-maple butter on brioche) and Mexicali Blues (scrambled egg, chorizo, potato, basil burrata, smoked onion on a poppy-seed kaiser roll), and sides like deviled eggs, schmaltz fries and Mexican poutine are as addictive as the Little Italy restaurant’s name lets on. Meals start at $8.

St. Louis: Porano Pasta

Chef Gerard Craft has made a name for himself as St. Louis’ finest chef. After being nominated for six James Beard awards in seven years, Craft finally won the title of best chef in the Midwest in 2015. So how do you follow up such a successful year? You open up an upscale fast food restaurant, apparently.

The chef’s new Porano Pasta provides guests with build-your-own bowls of pasta, as well as farro, rice and salad, which start at $7.95. Diners can choose from a dozen homemade sauces and dressings, as well as proteins like meatballs, slow-roasted pork and marinated chicken.

Orange County: Slapfish

There’s something about fast seafood that seems a little, um, fishy. But chef Andrew Gruel wants to “make seafood sexy” (yes, that’s Slapfish‘s actual tagline) by serving fresh fish and shellfish sourced from sustainable fisheries.

At its five California locations, as well as one in the Baltimore airport, this food-truck-turned-small-chain serves up items like a daily fish plate, ceviche and “clobster grilled cheese,” all of which come in paper trays.  Prices at this modern take on the fish shack range from $6.50 for fish tacos to $18.50 for the lobster roll.

Philadelphia: Federal Donuts

“How you do anything is how you do everything,” or so the saying goes. And the team behindFederal Donuts seems to take that saying to heart, doing everything perfectly. Luckily for them, they only have to focus on doing three things: donuts, fried chicken and coffee.

Michael Solomonov, the James Beard Award-winning chef behind Zahav, serves up double-fried chicken at Federal Donuts’ four Philly locations (plus an outpost at Citizens Bank Park). The chicken is either seasoned with za’atar, coconut curry or buttermilk ranch, or glazed with a choice of chili garlic or sweet soy garlic, and comes with a honey donut.

Los Angeles and Bay Area: LocoL

LocoL‘s menu reads like it was designed by a couple of bros living at the Sigma Chi House, not by a couple of superstar chefs. Yet, top-notch chefs are exactly who dreamed up LocoL, a fast service joint in the Watts neighborhood of L.A., which serves up $1-$6 menu items like “foldies,” “crunchies,” and “burgs” (more or less tacos, nuggets and various kinds of burgers), as well as breakfast options and bowls of noodles, chili and bulgur.

Chefs Roy Choi of famous LA food truck fleet Kogi and Daniel Patterson of SF’s two Michelin-starred seafood restaurant, Coi, wanted to bring more healthful versions of traditional fast food options to neighborhoods they feel are underserved.

The duo also wanted to build community by hiring long-time locals and replacing glass windows with screens in an attempt to be inclusive. And they don’t plan to stop in Watts: two locations are set to open in Oakland and SF soon.

Charleston: Chick’s Fry House

Another James Beard winner, another fried chicken joint. Chef Robert Stehling made his mark onCharleston’s culinary scene by cooking up southern fare at Hominy Grill. Now he’s back to with another take on classic Southern, right down to the red, white and blue decor.

One thing at Chick’s that’s not classic is its focus on sustainability, using proteins that are 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free, with chicken that comes from an American Humane Association-certified farm, catfish that’s been naturally raised and pork that’s 100% Heritage. Guests can wash down baskets or sandwiches – which start at $8 – with local craft brews.

New York: Uma Temakeria

Fast food sushi sounds like a ticket to a restroom near you – unless that fast food sushi joint is headed up by a revered chef like Chris Jaeckle of All’onda, an upscale modern Venetian restaurant in the West Village.

Jaeckle took inspiration from Brazil when creating Uma Temakeria, which seeks to bring affordable sushi to the masses by emulating the beach-side temakerias of South America.

The Greenwich Village restaurant has become known for its sushi burritos (a mammoth roll of raw salmon and tuna, carrots, cucumbers and spicy mayo, wrapped in a sheet of nori).

Like many of its fast casual counterparts, Uma Temakeria also has a build-your-own component, offering diners the option to create hand rolls by choosing from various types of rice (or kale), as well as several proteins, sauces, veggies and toppings. Hand rolls go for $6 and burritos for $10.

Source: USAToday

Rita Ora Clears The Air


Page Six Rita Ora has denied having an affair with Jay Z and that she was “Becky with the good hair” in Beyoncé‘s “Lemonade.”

After Rita appeared to be taunting Beyonce on her social media by posting a picture of herself in a bra decorated with lemons, she was deluged with angry messages from Beyoncé fans. Ora then took to Twitter to insist the rumors are not true. “I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumours are false,” she wrote. “I have nothing but the upmost respect for Beyonce. Let’s continue enjoying Lemonade.”

Ora also sent the Beyhive into a frenzy by posting a movie poster of Elizabeth Taylor’s 1973 movie “Ash Wednesday,” a film about a beautiful woman whose husband doesn’t love her and who tries to tempt him back by getting plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reveal the Name of Their Baby Boy—Introducing Saint West

The waiting and guessing game is officially over!

After much anticipation, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are finally ready to reveal the name of their baby boy. Without further ado, the happy couple announced on Kim’s website that they decided on…

Saint West!

The post also revealed the baby boy weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz. The decision is one that was made towards the end of the reality star’s pregnancy journey. In fact, the 35-year-old and her hubby hadn’t decided on the perfect name Sunday evening.

“I don’t have names, which is so crazy,” North West’s mom. “We just started talking about it and that was the last thing for us last time. So I feel confident obviously that we’ll figure it out.”

Over the summer, reports surfaced that Kimye was planning to name their son Easton. A source quickly shot down that rumor.

There was also a bit of mumbling going on that South West was a possibility. If you asked Kim, however, that wasn’t really an option.

“I don’t like South West, though, because that’s like, you know, North will always, you know, be better and be more…she has a better direction,” she told NPR. “So I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.”

On Dec. 5, Kim announced on her website that she had welcomed her second child with her husband. “Kanye and I welcome our baby boy,” she wrote with a picture of the couple holding hands. “Mother and son are doing well.”

Spike Lee Just Got Customized ‘Oscar Edition’ Air Jordan VIs

Spike Lee just got the VIP treatment, courtesy of the folks over at Jordan Brand.

The Chiraq director was gifted his very own pair of “Oscar Edition” Air Jordan VIs, and they’re amazing.

The famed director/world-renowned basketball fan took to Instagram, revealing that the one-of-a-kind Jordans are gold-leafed, meaning that the upper is made with a thin sheet of actual gold. They also feature a glittery translucent tongue and heel tabs with an all-white midsole.

So, seeing as these shoes are literally a piece of art, will Spike be wearing them? Not quite. “They will sit next to the Oscar on my home mantelpiece,” he said.

Source: BET

Lil Wayne Takes Out a Loan to Pay Private Jet Bill

With a multi-million-dollar lawsuit still in limbo, Lil Wayne is tapping another financial resource to officially settle a massive transportation bill. Wayne used his beloved Miami skatepark as collateral on a $1.5 million loan, TMZ reports.

Tunechi’s mansion was raided earlier in the month for not paying a $2 million judgment to a private jet company. Among the personal items seized by authorities were pieces of the rapper’s reported $30 million art collection.

Signature Group sued Wayne for $1 million last year and in September 2015 he was ordered to shell out double the amount, including the company’s legal fees. Signature claims Wayne leased a private jet for $55,000 a month in addition to landing and maintenance fees. He denies entering into a contract with the company.

Borrowing money doesn’t necessarily mean the Young Money founder’s reported $140 million fortune is in a deficit. Nonetheless, the loan allows Weezy to pay the bill and get his stuff back from the mansion raid.