Chiara de Blasio Gets ‘Teen Vogue’ Feature


On the day of newly elected NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio’s inauguration the city is abuzz about his family. His daughter, Chiara is in the spotlight specifically.

It was only a few days ago that the 19-year-old made a illuminating video talking about her struggles with depression and substance abuse. And now she’s getting more candid for Teen Vogue.

The magazine profiled the sophomore environmental studies major, talking about her hippie-flower child sense of style and how her parents’ activism has molded her personality. “Seeing my parents be public servants has definitely given me this drive to help fix the planet,” she said. “I definitely want to be an activist for all the issues I find righteous.”

While she’s in California for school, de Blasio plans to be in NYC as much as she can to see her at work. She also plans to maintain her renegade sense of style that includes nose, ear, eyebrow and belly button pierces. “I’ve definitely noticed a lot more people identifying as feminists—a feminist doesn’t have to be any particular kind of person! You can officially count me in on that movement. I’m definitely there.”