Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Feud Over?

It seems R&B superstar Chris Brown is attempting to clean up his act for 2013. In an interview recently with Big Boy from Power 106 in Los Angeles, he said he was moving forward and putting things from the past behind.

As it relates to the altercation with him and Frank Ocean earlier on this year he had this to say: “Well, with the Frank Ocean situation, I’ll just put it like this: It’s in the past. Some stuff went down but it’s whatever. It’s not what people [think],” he reasoned. “It’s always sensationalized and always blown outta proportion. I got respect for his music so, I’m not really trying to go back down that route. Everything for me is [about] moving forward.”

Brown also said in the interview that he and on again off again girlfriend Rihanna are no longer dating. But in regards to the Rihanna situation, let’s just wait and see how long that will last.

Photo: AP