Chris Brown in U.S. Marshals’ Custody for D.C. Assault Case


Chris Brown is on his way to Washington D.C. for a hearing in his misdemeanor assault case, reports TMZ.

Brown was picked up from the L.A. County Jail by federal marshals yesterday, an official confirmed. From there he was transported to the San Bernardino County Jail where he will stay until he hops a Con Air flight bound for D.C. sometime today, law enforcement sources said.

The 25-year-old singer won’t be the only prisoner on board. The flight is expected to take a route through Oklahoma and pick up other inmates along the way.

Brown’s D.C. case stems from his arrest after an altercation with a man in October 2013. The victim claims Brown broke his nose and used a gay slur against him.

Earlier in the week, attorney Mark Geragos filed a motion to have Brown released into his custody to allow him an opportunity to prepare for the trial. Authorities instead took Brown from “LA cell block” the same day the motion was submitted.

The two will reunite at a hearing Monday (April 7), where Geragos will attempt to have the entire case thrown out. If he is unsuccessful, the assault trial will begin April 17.