Chris Tucker Hit With a Lawsuit Over Comedy Special


Chris Tucker is set to make a huge return to the comedy stage, but just as the lights were beginning to heat up, he was slapped with a fresh lawsuit with claims that he’s conned his way through its production.

A fellow comedian, is suing both Tucker and Netflix for uncompensated work he did on the upcoming special dating back to 2008. His credits reportedly include editing, writing, acting and producing. Hodges claims he hasn’t been paid for his work in years.

The documents state that Hodges’ fees totaled $66,000 and he hasn’t been regularly paid since 2011. If that wasn’t enough, he claims that Tucker promised to make him co-producer of the project, which would allow him to cash in on the profits, but that also fell through the cracks.

Though Tucker himself hasn’t responded to the claims, his attorney, Marty Singer, responded on his behalf, saying, “This lawsuit is absurd and completely without merit. We fully expect this case to be thrown out by the court.”

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