Ciara Pops Up in Vogue Paris: Her Perfectly Toned Physique is a Thing of Beauty!




Ciara clearly has a calling and it doesn’t involve music or reality TV besties. Photographed for the upcoming French Vogue issue, Ciara epitomizes “the dancer’s body” in this one leaked snapshot. Super Ci-Ci’s body has always been admired, but in this one photo, you can see that she doesn’t play around with her diet, her exercise or dancing and keeps herself in top notch shape for her modeling gigs.

If her music never pans out the way she wants, she can always fall back on modeling all the way as she’d probably have a higher chance of succeeding in modeling at an international level because of the decline of the music industry in general. Even though we’d all like to see Ciara model some more, Ciara isn’t giving up on music just yet , she just signed on under LA Reid at Epic Records, so we can’t wait to see how it all works out for Ci!