Cinco de Mayo Celebrations


This past Sunday May 5 was celebrated as Cinco de Mayo. This day is celebrated to commemorate the 1862 victory in a fight for independence against French forces by Mexico. It is a festival that highlights Mexican pride and heritage in the United States.


On this day the culture and achievement of persons living in the United States with a Mexican background is celebrated. Businesses promote Mexican services and goods on this day particularly their food, drink and music. Another aspect of the day is centered around traditional symbols of Mexican life, such as the Virgin de Guadeloupe and also Mexican-Americans who have achieved great fame and fortune.


The largest celebrations for Cinco de Mayo usually takes place in cities like Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver and El Paso in the USA’s south-western regions.  These areas have a large population of persons of Mexican origin. Banners are hung up and school districts arrange special lessons and events to educate the pupils about the culture of Americans of Mexican descent. Places like Pueblo de Los Angeles have celebration of regional Mexican music and dance.


Although not seen as a federal holiday in the United States, it is celebrated by many. The origins of Cinco de Mayo is said to lie in the response of Mexicans living in California in the late 1860’s to French rule in Mexico during that era.