Coach Scores Victory Against Brokerage Firm In Counterfeit Case

Accessories firm Coach has scored a major victory against counterfeiters. The company’s anti-counterfeiting campaign, Operation Turnlock recently won an $8 million award in a counterfeit case involving a custom brokerage firm. The suit came about as a result of Coach Inc. providing information, which proved that the custom brokerage firm “knowingly and willfully” participated in a scheme to sell counterfeit Coach goods.


Coach began its investigations into the fraudulent activities by the brokerage firm after finding out that “the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol had seized a large shipment of counterfeit Coach handbags and wallets headed for the Port of Los Angeles.”  The accessory company later discovered that the brokerage firm was the one who had created and filed forged customs entry documents, which allowed the counterfeit goods to be granted entry in the U.S.


The company’s vice president and deputy general counsel Nancy Axilrod stated that the victory was an important one for Coach as, “lawsuits against customs brokers are almost nonexistent”.


What are your thoughts on counterfeit merchandise?