Cole Haan Introduces Luxury Gear For The Adventurous


There’s a good amount of folks out there who hate the term “glamping.”

If you’re unfamiliar it’s basically camping, in style. Think stylish tents with calming candle scents, silk sleeping bags, really plush pillows.. you get it. But for the avid camper, it’s all about being rugged, one with nature.

So you see the dissection.

We’re someone in between wilderness woman and bougie backpackers, so we can appreciate the new collection of outdoor gear from Cole Haan.

If you know anything about the established brand it’s that they take their leather goods serious and use handcrafted techniques to make a lot of their products. And with fall being in full effect, and winter around the corner, some of you may be in need of the right gear to hit rough terrain.

Cole Haan’s collection with Mountain Hardware, called ZERØGRAND boasts waterproof fabrics and cushioned Grand.OS technology for running around all day– in the woods or concrete jungle.