Columbus Short’s Ex-Wife Facing Criminal Charges


Columbus Short isn’t the only one facing criminal charges for violent behavior. The former Scandal actor’s ex-wife, Tanee McCall-Short, has been named in a battery report filed by Short’s friend Tilly Key, TMZ reports.

Key claims McCall-Short attacked her when she came to help the actor move out of the estranged couple’s home, per judges orders. Key decided to file the report after receiving a series of random phone calls and seeing an uptick in her social media following in recent weeks, even claiming McCall-Short threatened to kill her.

After McCall favorited a tweet of Key’s, Short’s friend responded, “Stay away from me…I have 2 years to press charges. You already told me ‘I’m gonna slit your throat, I’m gonna kill you, gonna break your neck’ that’s enough already.”

Short recorded the violent row betwen his ex-wife and friend on a cell phone camera and allegedly leaked it online. In the video, it doesn’t seem that the actor made any attempt to stop the fight between the two women.