COMPLEX: Dwyane Wade Talks His NBA 2K12 Rating, Skip Bayless And Court Grip


While this NBA Lockout has forced many players to contemplate competing overseas or seeking a solution through temporary jobs, few have dedicated their time off to becoming true entrepreneurs like Dwyane Wade. After all, Wade’s greatest entrepreneurial feat may have been when he figured out a way to get two of the best players in the Association to play alongside him in an effort to win the NBA Championship. Now, with the NBA in a standstill, D-Wade continues to make moves on the court in a charity game near you, and off the court with his support of a product that could change the game of basketball.  

While in New York City last week, we caught up with the Miami Heat guard to discuss his NBA 2K12 rating, how him and his teammates really feel about Skip Bayless and the new Mission Athletecare’s Court Grip.    

Interview by Jose Martinez (@ZayMarty)

Recently, you had a tweet commenting on a jab that Skip Bayless threw out about you getting manis and pedis. Now, you’re not the only Miami Heat player that Bayless has joked around with. How does the team really feel about him?

Dwyane Wade: [Laughs.] You know what, it’s entertainment. We all watch it. Some of us laugh. Even when he says something about us, we’ll probably laugh because it might be funny. As you saw, Bosh went on and had something to say about the way Skip twisted his name but we try to have fun with it. I don’t necessarily concern myself too much with what people say because everyone has an opinion. Even today, I had fun with the manicure and pedicure thing. He asked me to come back on the show and I said, “Listen, if I can do it between my manis and pedis, maybe I will.” So we just try to have fun with it and enjoy.

And speaking of people’s opinions, did you have a chance to look at the NBA 2K12 player ratings yet?
Dwyane Wade: I haven’t seen it, but I got a lot of Twitter messages about it. I heard that I got a 96 rating. I think they were a little fair.

Well, you are the second-best player in the game…
Dwyane Wade: [Laughs.] It’s cool. People always look at that and be like, “How is Kobe a 94? How are you a 96? How did LeBron get a 98?” and I just laugh. I know that over the course of my career, some years I have been terrible and I was like, “Oh my goodness, I’m way better than this.” Some years I do stuff in the game that I’m like, “Oh, I can’t do that.” [Laughter.] So, it is what it is.

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