Creating a Tropical Get-A-Way in Your Home

Although similar to a Coastal Interior Design, the Caribbean style sets itself apart as it boasts an array of cultures and eclectic homes in a palate of abundant colors – that are as vivid as your imagination will allow. Rooted in culture and it’s authentic people, a Caribbean interior design could be perceived as more of a state of mind, rather than a decorating theme.

Luckily, you have two ways to reach that state of mind …call your travel agent, or weave Caribbean designing elements into your own home. If your goal is create a “comfortable, kick your shoes off, carefree feeling” every single day, (versus just a weekend when you find the time and money), then put your passport away and use some of the ideas below to bring a bit of paradise through your front door.

Caribbean Interior Design Ideas

* Walls: Caribbean colors go way beyond blues and whites. Depending on the island, you will see such vibrant colors as; lime, peach, corals and yellows. The islands are rich in plant life and trees, so an element of a lively green is encouraged as well. Trim your walls with white for the perfect combination of color elements.

* Floors: Since sand is not a really good option, go with a white or bleached pine. Tile and stone are also prominent in the Caribbean culture – interior as well as exterior. Add softness and comfort by covering with a brightly colored rug.

* Furniture: Simple is best; wicker or rattan or even bamboo. Use vivid tropical patterns for your upholstery fabric. If choosing wood, go with a rich mahogany. Furniture should be comfortable, relaxing and unimposing. Think about bringing your outdoor furniture – in.

* Window Treatments: Soft fabric that will dance when the breeze comes up. Depending on your privacy needs, shutters are also a popular choice, especially done in white to offset the bright color combination of the room. Combining both of these treatments will result in the perfect ambiance.

* Accessories: Start with fresh tropical flowers or live plants. Add art pieces that replicate the tropical landscape found in the Caribbean. Bring in an aquarium to represent the sea. Think of a lazy day at the beach and what you’d like to have on hand; a margarita glass on the end table, a book or two nestled in a throw on the sofa. Don’t forget the ceiling fan that will emulate a breeze coming off the water.