Curl Talk: Why Jamaican Castor Oil Is Better Than Others


Caring for our natural hair gives us the ability to try many things. If the concoctions in some of the hair products you try aren’t giving you the results you desire, maybe it’s time to try a more organic approach.

Depending on your curl pattern and scalp’s condition, products will react differently to your hair, but one thing we’re finding better results in when it comes to our curls is hair oil, one in particular is Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).

Right now we’re digging Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz. While hair oils won’t necessarily moisturize hair as much as official moisturizers (products that include a lot of water), they do act as a sealant to lock all the good properties on your hair and scalp, and they promote healthy hair growth, as well.

JBCO derives from the castor bean in Eastern Africa and is both organic and sulfate-free. The difference between JBCO and regular castor oil is how it’s processed. JBCO is the raw version of Castor oil, meaning it has gone through less processing and carries more nutrients. Because of this, JBCO can assist in strengthening and growing hair, increasing blood flow to the scalp, and supplying valuable nutrients to hair follicles. It can also help in ridding dry, itchy scalp, eczema, and hair breakage and thinning.
Here are some ways you can incorporate JBCO in your hair routine:
1. Because it’s a thick oil (not sticky or tacky) apply a small amount of JBCO daily to your hair roots and scalp. Using your fingertips to massage the oil into your scalp. Because it absorbs quickly into the scalp, this oil is good for overnight use.
2. Try it as a hot oil treatment. Once a week, use JBCO by warming it up in the microwave until it’s very warm but not too hot. Apply a generous amount into hair and scalp and allow it to sit on hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it out. For greater results, leave the oil on hair longer. You can also apply without heating it up and instead covering hair with a plastic cap and sitting under the dryer/steamer for the same amount of time.
3. A great oil for it’s healing and growing properties, JBCO is also a great source in treating acne and growing both lashes and brows.