Curvy Closet: Custom Fashion Company Moves Beyond The Limits Of Size


As the fashion industry continues to hold tight to the rigid size ranges available in stores, one retailer is growing steadily due to their commitment to cater to all women individually.
The team at eShakti , a customizable fashion company, has carved out a niche for themselves by not only offering sizes 0-36, but also providing custom tailoring to ensure the perfect fit. Offering separates like jackets and skirts as well as dresses for both daytime and special occasions, the company has quickly become a favorite for fashion bloggers and customers alike.
eShakti CEO B.G. Krishnan tells Styleblazer that the demand for his company’s customizable clothing has grown so significantly simply because over 100 million women of varying heights and body shapes have been forced to try and fit into the 19 size buckets available in traditional sizing. “The sizechart is an artificial construct,” he tells Styleblazer. “But eShakti has created a new paradigm, and created an alternative channel, that can allow women to get clothes that fit them no matter what their size or shape or height and still make it easy, fast and affordable for the customer.”
With eShakti, customers can choose from two options to customize, be it through a standard size chart or by submitting their complete measurements for a minimal additional fee. Height is always taken into account for fit and customers can also opt to change the hemlines and necklines, add or remove sleeves or add pockets. In 14 days, they have a garment that’s quite literally all their own.
With this in mind and the success of eShakti, it begs the question – why have retailers dragged their feet in offering extended sizes? Krishnan says the answer is three-fold. “In the mass-production model there are scale economies to consider and some sizes may be fewer in numbers than others,” he said. “Secondly it is a forecasting problem. Thirdly, women have different body shapes and that makes the inventory management of it very difficult.”
Krishnan says the business model means that producing each piece is more expensive on his end, but that the company is also not left with a great deal of product that failed to sell or was returned for poor fit because they simply don’t stock sizes.
And as the fashion industry continues to remain divided on what kinds of bodies should appear in advertisements and who should or should not carry extended sizes, Krishnan’s team has broken it down to be simple. “In our professional opinion, every woman is entitled to look her absolute best, and every woman has the ability to do so with clothing that fit properly. That is eShakti’s mission: to make every woman look her absolute best, regardless of size or shape.”