Dame Dash to Open Art Galleries in South Carolina and Hong Kong


Dame Dash is going down South and Far East for his latest business ventures. The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder has announced plans to open two new art galleries under his DD172 franchise, one in South Carolina and one in Hong Kong.

It’s not hard to figure out why any businessman would want to break ground in Hong Kong, but why the Palmetto State?

“South Carolina is the New York of the South…with beaches,” Dash said in a statement to AllHipHop. “I like the town and there is a strong undiscovered artistic community from music to art.”

Dash, whose original DD172 art and music space in New York closed in 2011, recently opened the Poppington art gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In a recent interview, the media mogul said he prefers working in art and fashion to his old life as a hip hop executive.

“We will be bringing artists that we show in our New York gallery to the South and artists that we show in the South to the New York gallery,” Dash told AllHipHop. “It’s like a franchise. Next is Hong Kong.”