Daring Fashion: Would You Rock These PUMA Boxing Kicks?


We consider ourselves pretty adventurous people when it comes to fashion but we recently came across a shoe that pushes our taste to the edge.

This week, Puma dropped the Eskiva sneaker, a lifestyle shoe re-released from the ’70s. Inspired, obviously, by boxing the sneaker comes in white but will have more colorways in the spring.

As noted by Puma: The Eskiva champions PUMA’s athletic roots by keeping true to the original silhouette. Fusing it with modern material updates result in a stylish sleek finish. Not compromising in comfort, its low profile is very flattering while its soft leather upper and easy lacing system fits like a sock. The Eskiva works the flair of a knockout into everyday street wear.

Now, we’re all about streetwear, but this is SUPER edgy. In fact, it would probably take us time to figure out how to style this.

Available on through PUMA stores and select lifestyle retailers, we’re hoping to see people step up to the challenge on this one.