Decoding Fall Boots For Girls With Curves


Fall is full swing and nothing says “fall fashion” like boots.

The two were practically made for each other and having at least one pair of boots in your fall footwear collection is a must. If you still have summer sandals on the brain, here are a few styling tips to help you slip into curvy-girl-certified boots this season.

Choose the right type: There are countless styles of boots to choose from, the key is finding a pair of boots that aligns with your signature style.

If you love a little edge, opt for over the knee boots, sure to turn heads! They can be paired with a short dress for a sexy mod vibe, like Nadia Aboulhosn (above). If that’s not your style, you can tone down over the knee boots by wearing them over a pair of fitted jeans for a sleek appeal. For warmer climates, opt of ankle boots instead. Booties can be paired with almost any outfit and will instantly give you a fall feel, without all of the extra material. Don’t forget to play with textures too.

It’s all in the fit: All wide calf boots are not created the same. Make sure to check the measurements listed on the boots and compare it with width of your calves.

Scoring a pair of wide boots can be tricky, but it’s a challenge worth accepting. Some big box stores carry wide boots, such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, but if you can’t find them in stores, check online. If you decide to shop from online stores, make sure that the company has a good return policy in case they don’t fit the way that you would like.

Invest in stretchers: New boots can be a little tight at first; even if you snag the wide calf boots. Invest in boot stretchers to help you get past the snug stage quickly, so that you can start rockin’ your boots on the street sooner.

Walk on the wild side: Step out of your comfort zone and pinky promise to not always buy the neutral colored boots because they go with everything. There is nothing wrong with classic colors, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors and prints. Animal prints such as cheetah print and snakeskin can add a funky feel to your look. If you fear that it may be too much, pair your printed boots with all monochromatic outfit to tone it down a notch.