Designer Kermit Tesoro

Since the first posted about the Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro and his space-agey, contemporary womenswear, our inbox has intermittently been flooded with emails asking where to buy the label’s pieces.

I’ve never had a response for those curious minds, until now…

Tesoro and his team have finally launched a simple online portal to host their main collections, contact pages, and most importantly, their long-awaited webshop.

A few of the original designs – like the skull heels, shown above – are available for order, along with some newer styles, custom/limited pieces, and a handful of selections from the label’s womenswear collections.

The only caveat is that most things seem to be available on a made-to-order basis; custom shoes can either be the most perfectly-fitting things you’ll ever buy, or they could be the worst.

And seeing how this is Tesoro’s first official foray into doing custom orders via a webshop, where customers won’t be able to personally sit with the designer to be measured for the piece, we can only hope the results will be as fab as the pictures show.

At any rate, the custom process might allow for, well, more customization in terms of item colours and materials. Which could result in the purchase of a truly individualized and special pair of Tesoros, non?

Either way, it’s a win-win situation.