Do couples that post on Facebook together stay together?

‘It’s complicated’

Have you ever looked through your Facebook timeline and rolled your eyes at all the couples making lovey dovey posts?

You’re not alone.

But according to one study those couples might have the right idea.

Researchers out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison came to the conclusion that couples who share a lot on social media, in particular Facebook, were happier than those who didn’t.

For the study, 180 graduates in relationships were tracked. They were initially asked questions on their level of commitment and length of their relationship.

Researchers then checked out their Facebook accounts to see how many photos they had posted with their partner. Of course, they checked if participants had set their status to ‘in a relationship’.

“The more participants listed themselves as ‘in a relationship’’ with their partners, shared dyadic photographs, and wrote messages on their partner’s wall, the more commitment they experienced,” said the authors of the study.

According to the researchers, the couples had deepened their bond by publicly confirming their relationships on Facebook.

“These publicly posted cues likely induced participants to perceive themselves as part of a romantic unit, thus cementing the relationship,” read the study.

However, assistant professor of communication arts at the university and co-author of the study, Catalina Toma, also found that those partners that wrote a lot on their significant other’s Facebook wall often didn’t have a good chance to staying together.

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