Drake & Rihanna Back Together & Cozy At Coachella

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The exes were reportedly spotted acting like two love birds at the Coachella Valley Music Festival on April 12 — could they be back together?

Are Drake and Rihanna a couple again? Rihanna was spotted dancing and singing along to Drake at his Coachella concert April 12 but VH1’s The Gossip Table clams that they actually hung out quite a bit over the weekend and looked “couple-ly!”

Drake & Rihanna Back Together & Cozy At Coachella

Drake and Rihanna tried to keep it on the low that they were spending some time together over the weekend but they didn’t manage to get it past an eyewitness that claims they were acting like a couple.

“Rihanna and Drake were spotted together this weekend at Coachella and our witnesses say they looked very ‘couple-ey’.”

The report goes on to claim that there’s a good chance they are back together and that she “loved” his performance! We told you that we spotted her dancing in the crowd while he performed at the music festival.

 These two have been dating on-and-off since 2009, following her big break up with Chris Brown. In case you don’t remember we’re going to break it down for you really quick!

They first stepped on the scene when they collaborated on their hit song “What’s My Name” in 2010 and reportedly stopped seeing each other shortly after the song was released. But after their steamy 2011 Grammys performance they seemed to be back on. They then released another song and steamy music video in 2012, “Take Care,” and it seemed they were dating again!

In 2012 Drake and Chris got into a heated altercation at an NYC night club and bottles were reportedly thrown. They were said to be fighting over RiRi. Sometime in 2012 she got back with Chris briefly but in April of 2014 Drake and Rihanna took their PDA to a whole new level. They were going all over the world together for Drake’s tour and he allegedly bought her some very expensive bling. Since August they have been spotted at various parties together but nothing like this, especially since he flashed her face up on a screen during one of his concerts and alluded to calling her the devil.

Drake: Madonna’s Crush — Their Kiss Was A Dream Come True For Her

But the weekend wasn’t all about these two former love birds connecting, Madonna made out with Drake during the concert as RiRi looked on and it turns out Madge has always wanted to lock lips with the hottie.

“The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake — and only kiss him,” Madonna revealed in March 2015 to Us Weekly.

Wow, there’s a lot of Drake love this year and we are totally digging it!

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com