Drugs Found In Desiigner’s SUV Were Steroids

Three-hundred and two steroids were found in the SUV which Desiigner was travelling in last week Thursday.

The “Panda” rapper was arrested last week Thursday on drug and weapon charges after he was pulled over by cops in NYC. The incident resulted from a confrontation with him and another driver. According to the other driver someone in the SUV pulled out a gun and pointed it at them, they took the license plate of the SUV which Desiigner was travelling in and phoned the cops to report the incident. According to the cops when they searched the vehicle they found a loaded gun and a large quantity controlled substances.


The rapper was released from jail on Saturday and his gun charges were dropped while the drug charges remained, however it seems as if those charges are soon to be dropped since the drugs belonged to Desiigner’s driver.



Now that the G.O.O.D Music recording artiste is free from his legal woes he can return to the studio to continue working on his debut album.


Source: TheTropixs

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