Dublin, Ireland! (Revisited)


Ireland is a road-trippers dream comes true. Miles and miles of scenery all around combined with rich history. Visit ancient tombs, Celtic sites and monastic cities. You can virtually cover over 3000 years in just a four day trip. One of the best areas to visit when you go to Ireland is Dublin.


It is Ireland’s largest city and offers so much more than Irish pubs and fish and chips. The term “The Celtic Tiger” has been used to describe the massive growth and economic boom that has pushed Ireland forward over the last ten years, and has brought about many changes. If you are not a first time visitor to Dublin you will notice that the city has become much more crowded now than in the past. This is due in part to a significant increase in tourist arrivals and also a massive influx of new residents.  The high rise in cultural diversity is one of the many reasons to include Dublin on your itinerary.


Cultural Diversity

Previous years passed a visit to Dublin would ensure that you would see the majority of persons you encounter being natives. Nowadays the streets are a eclectic mix of Irish, English, Polish, Nigerian, Middle Eastern, Asian and many other ethnicities. What this mix has now done is enhance the charm of the city and it is most noted in the areas of food and dining.


Food and Dining

Once you are on vacation in Ireland, you can rest assured you will find eateries where you can sample traditional Irish foods. However if you wish to sample other culinary fare, Dublin can easily accommodate your palate. There are Sake bars, Lebanese, Mexican and even French gourmet restaurants around. Thai foods and fine Italian dining can all be found in Dublin.


One thing you must be sure you check out is the very famous Leo Burdocks Fish & Chips near the Christ Church Cathedral. It is said to be the best fish and chips in all of Ireland. However its take out only.



Dublin residents are quite stylish and it’s no wonder they are. There is a seemingly endless corridor of clothing stores and simply divine shops waiting on you to patronize them. Shopping locales like Grafton Street and Henry Street is enticing to both tourists and locals alike.


The city abounds with newly built shopping malls and of course many gift shops where you can find a large array of souvenir items to help you remember your vacation in Ireland.


Historic Sites

The city of Dublin has a rich history. Tour buses abound in the city to take you about so you may see many of them. You can visit the Guinness brewery overlooking the city and witness firsthand how Dublin’s famous brew is made. You may also explore the Christ Church Cathedral, a centuries old Viking Church. Trinity College is also there to explore, it holds the Book of Kells which is an ancient illuminated manuscript.

Just walking around Dublin itself you can see many tourist attractions, many of the stone bridges, statues, monuments and old buildings all have a colorful and